Firefighter – Bothell, Washington

$72,348.00 – $103,344.00 Annually


Minimum Qualifications
Requires knowledge of the field of assignment and physical and mental ability sufficient to perform thoroughly and accurately the full scope of responsibility as illustrated by example in the above job description.

Must be minimum of eighteen (18) year of age.
Meet provision as established by the Civil Service Commission.
High school graduate.
Ability to satisfactorily complete course work and training such as Washington State Fire Academy and other in-service training in methods, procedures and techniques of fire science work presented by employees of higher classification in the department of by attendance at special schools.
Possess or ability to obtain a valid State of Washington Driver’s License, and, as required, Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention Certificate, with a driving record free of any significant moving violations.
Possess or ability to obtain specialized motor vehicle driver’s license as required to perform the job.
A driving record free of violation which related to ability to learn the awareness, responsiveness and skill necessary to drive fire vehicles safely and effectively under emergency conditions.
A personal record free of any convictions which relate to fitness to perform the job of Firefighter.
Ability to learn principles and techniques of modern fire prevention, suppression and life saving procedures and techniques.
Ability to learn to read, interpret and properly apply laws applicable to fire service work.
Possess and maintain a valid State of Washington Emergency Medical Technician Certification within one (1) year of advancement to Salary Level B.
Ability to express self clearly, concisely in speaking and writing and legibly in writing or printing.
Ability to memorize and recall detail e.g., streets, roads and related geographical features to facilitate response to calls and alarms.
Ability to maintain composure and self-control under adverse conditions, e.g., critical injuries and death.
Ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously, tactfully and with respect for the rights of citizens.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
Ability to perform duties and maintain personal conduct, attitude and appearance that conform to strict policies, procedures, discipline and within a “chain of command” management system.
Ability to hold self in readiness at all times to answer calls, accept authority, obey orders of superiors and accept a strict personal organizational cod of conduct and ethics.
Ability to obtain approved advance First Aid and CPR Certification prior to completion of probationary period.
Ability to adjust to a lifestyle that requires working twenty-four (24) hour shifts for other work schedules, including work on holidays and being subject to overtime, holdover and callback at any time.
Ability to maintain a balanced perspective about life in general notwithstanding a continuous potential life-threatening situation.
Should be able to meet performance standards established by National Fire Protection Association and Washington State Fire Chief’s Association.


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