Firefighter Exam Items

Firefighter Exam Items

New Firefighter Test Prep Item!

Job Test Prep’s National Fire Select Test Preparation

Need to take the National Fire Select Test when applying for an entry-level firefighter position? JobTestPrep has the NFST Prep Pack in order to prepare you with NFST practice tests and study guides. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

About the FPSI Firefighter Written Exam

The FPSI firefighter written exam is used as a screening tool: Passing this test is a requirement to move on to the next phase in the application procedure. JobTestPrep is offers a comprehensive FPSI preparation program that includes study guides and FPSI firefighter practice tests, with a focus on optimizing your exam score. The test’s official name is the National Fire Select Test (NFST). Do not confuse it with Standard and Associates’ National Firefighter Selection Test.

Format of the National Fire Select Test (NFST)

You can expect to encounter a timed, multiple-choice test on the NFST firefighter exam. Your score is based solely on the number of correct answers, without penalty for wrong responses. Therefore, it is to your advantage to answer every item; guess if necessary.
FPSI Firefighter Test Content
The general aptitude portion of the FPSI firefighter written exam includes six sections:

Reading Ability – In this section you will need to read a fire-related passage. Following the written material are five questions, each housing four or five alternatives. All correct answers are provided within the passage.
Math Reasoning – This section of the NFST involves basic math functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages. Each question is followed by four alternatives. Some of the items are formatted as job-related word problems, others involve basic charts.
Map Reading – A street map with “one-way” or “two-way” labels and building identification is presented. The tasks concern directions to locations or the most direct route.
Writing Ability – There are various item formats within this section. One type of question requires the selection of the alternative that best completes the given sentence. A second format requests the selection of the most appropriate sentence in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling and English usage. Identifying the type of error contained in a given sentence is a third format. The fourth question type involves picking the alternative that contains the synonym of a given word; select the word that is closest in meaning to the key word.
Human Relations – Some Fire & Police Selection, Inc. tests title this section as “Interpersonal Competencies”, while other FPSI exams use the term “Contextual Simulation.” A short paragraph is presented, followed by two questions, each containing four alternatives. The first question requires the selection of the most appropriate response. The second question requires the selection of the least appropriate response. Among the skills measured in the Human Relations Section are: Honesty, integrity, teamwork, commitment and emotional stability.


Reasoning Skills

You will find a variety of formats such as:

Job-related basic mathematical word problems
A short paragraph containing information or instructions, followed by a diagram, questions and alternatives
Items requiring the identification of exact duplicates
Sequencing, identifying the next number in a series
Geometric shapes, identifying the original item after a rotation.

Individual fire departments determine how many of the sections to use in their tests. Many include all five aptitudes in their NFST firefighter exam.

In addition to the five areas of the Comprehensive Examination Battery (CEB), outlined above, some Fire & Police Selection, Inc. tests include a Work Style Inventory (WSI) exam. The WSI is a personality test that assesses the traits and work preferences, styles and methods that are essential for success as a firefighter.

JobTestPrep Advantage

If you are preparing for the FPSI firefighter exam then you’ve come to the right place. The goals of firefighter pre-employment test preparation are increased testing speed and accuracy through the familiarization of the types of questions and exam format that you will face on the NFST National Fire Select Test Study Guide and sample questions, as well as FPSI practice test and helpful exam strategies comprise the thorough JobTestPrep NFST exam prep program that is geared to your successful testing experience.

What do you get?

99 Practice tests, 1500+ Q&A, including:

  • Personality Assessment Preparation
  • 24 Mathematical reasoning tests which cover all question types (basic math, word problems, graphs)
  • 17 “Reasoning skills” tests including: information ordering, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and problem sensitivity
  • 15 Written communication tests
  • 13 Reading comprehension tests
  • 12 Observation & memory tests
  • 9 Mechanical reasoning tests
  • 4 Spatial orientation tests
  • 3 Tools tests
  • 2 Evaluating conclusions in light of known facts tests
  • Personality Test with a complete breakdown of the ideal Firefighter profile.
  • Situational judgement drills
  • Fully detailed explanations + 5 study guides
  • Immediate Access, Practice 24/7 

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Job Test Prep’s Online Firefighter Tests by State

Are you applying for the firefighter exam? If your exam is administered by your local fire department then you’ve come to the right place. JobTestPrep has customized Preparation Packs in order to allow you to study for your specific exam.

Custom made practice packs and sample questions to give you a glimpse of what the actual exam will look like. Our Firefighter Premium Pack includes over 1,500 questions, answers and explanations along with a Firefighter personality test to prepare you for competitive hiring process.

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