Firefighter/Paramedic – Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

 Perform a variety of fire suppression duties under the direction of an incident commander. Such duties may include the pulling of fire hose and connecting the hose, directing water streams, raising and climbing ladders, forcible entry using various firefighter tools, rescuing fire victims, and the control and extinguishment of fires.
 Respond to emergency medical calls and provide emergency medical service at the EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, or the EMT-Paramedic level. EMS performance will include emergency and non-emergency transportation of injured and ill patients to medical facilities locally and out-of-town.
 Utilize extrication equipment, and perform various other rescue functions. He/she may be required to perform water rescue and operate a rescue boat.
 Be able to safely drive an ambulance, rescue truck, and other firefighting apparatus.
 Respond to hazardous material incidents. Under the direction of an incident commander, he/she may be called upon to enter a hazardous area and perform the functions associated with the hazardous materials operations or technician level.
 Enter a confined-space area to rescue victims.
 Inspect public buildings for compliance of fire codes, write reports, and discuss violations with property owners. He/she may also be expected to review a building for contents, design a floor plan, and layout property hazards through pre-plans.
 Act as an agent of the department in fire prevention efforts, through education and speakers bureau activities. This may include conducting fire drills in public buildings.
 Attend and participate in training sessions in firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, incident command, vehicle operation, and other related areas, to include required certification and recertification courses.
 Perform general maintenance of department property, equipment, apparatus, personal protective clothing, and department grounds.
 Complete various reports and records. This may include making entry into logs and record keeping systems.
 Be assigned to watch desk detail, which may include the answering of telephones, greeting visitors, giving tours, and taking blood pressure readings.
 Perform other related work as may be required or directed.


Application materials may be obtained from our website: (Human Resources, Job Opportunities), by emailing, or calling (715) 421-8240. Deadline for applicants is 4:30 p.m. on September 7, 2018.


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