Full-time Firemedic – Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

The Village of Pleasant Prairie is now accepting applications for both Full-time and Part-time employment.

The Firemedic position reports to the Assistant or Deputy Fire Chief, in the absense of a Lieutenant or Captain.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie provides both Fire and Rescue (EMS) service to the community of Pleasant Prairie and those areas identified in the mutual aid system. The Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department is comprised of full time and part time personnel.

The position of Firemedic is a highly skilled and technical position within the Fire and Rescue Department. The primary responsibility of this position is to provide rapid, effective and efficient fire suppression, prevention, rescue (EMS) emergency, Hazardous Materials, and Technical Rescue services within the areas served by the Fire and Rescue Department.

Job Duties
• General fire services work to prevent and suppress fires. At the scene of a fire emergency, the Firemedic provides the necessary skills to mitigate danger to life and property.
• This position is also responsible for the enforcement of state, local fire codes and provides public fire education.
• This position maintains stations, equipment, and vehicles assigned to the Fire & Rescue Department.
• The Firemedic provides the highest level of pre-hospital care at the paramedic level.
• The Firemedic must be able to act and exercise initiative and independent judgment at the emergency scene while potentially under significant stress and hazardous conditions.
• The Firemedic is assigned to work shifts and stations. The Firemedic is also required to attend assigned training sessions and continuing education classes to ensure competencies.
• The Firemedic can be called to respond to stations, fire scenes, and emergency medical calls, as well as other emergencies while off duty.
• Duties of this nature and position frequently involve an element of personal danger and risk.


To view the complete job description and submit an application online, visit our website: https://www.pleasantprairiewi.gov/departments/human_resources/employment
For questions regarding the position, please contact Laurie at 262-694-8027 or email at firerescue@pleasantprairiewi.gov



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