Bradys Emergency Care 12th edition Study Software


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Bradys Emergency Care 12th edition Study Software

The Questions – 2106 questions spanning 43 chapters based on Bradys Emergency Care 12th edition. Bonus – 5 National Registry Style Scenario Chapters and a 100 Question Comprehensive test. Over 400 news questions from the last version, over 60 updated questions, and 145 scenario questions. There is also a Terminology Section with 1200 pertinent definitions.

Key Features

*2106 Questions and 1200 Root Words, Suffixes, Prefixes, & Definitions.
*100 Question National Registry Style Scenario Test – Added As Free Bonus.
*Over 400 new questions, 60 Updated Questions, and 145 scenario questions.
*Print National Registry Skill Sheets.
*Saves Your High Score.
*Screen Resolution Independent – Adjusts To Full Screen On Any Monitor.
*Built-in spell checker, with check-as-you-type spell checking.
*Review Mode – Lets You Review Only The Correct Answers.
*Page references to the Brady text.
*Software can read questions out loud to you.
*Automatically saves your last session.
*Keeps track of the questions you incorrectly answer.
*Allows you to clone sessions, so you can return to where you left off later.
*Save multiple sessions.
*Print tests out in a variety of ways, including answer sheets and correction keys.
*Print flash cards.
*Print custom terminology tests.
*Print terminology glossaries.
*Create random tests from a single chapter, multiple chapters or all chapters.
*18 graphical skins – Change screen and printer fonts.
*Add your own questions to any chapter. Database is easily edited.

Important Notes!

You will be emailed a link within 1-24 hours. This email will contain a text file attachment that contains instructions on downloading your software product. The software will work on a Windows or Mac computer. The email will  be coming from the company who makes the software – Knightlite.  Sometimes this email goes into your SPAM folder, so please check it if you do not get the email within 24 hours. 

This is not the actual book. This is downloadable software that is based on the Bradys Emergency Care 12th edition Edition manual.


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