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Master The Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam

Master The Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam
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In depth review material covering every test subject dealing with Dispatcher and 911 operator. Test taking techniques to boost scores. Complete coverage of the interview, the typing test, and personality tests. Two full length exams with explanatory answers for confidence building practice.

PART ONE - So You want to work for the government
-Where the Jobs are: Federal civilian employment

-Where the jobs are: State and local governments

-Preparing yourself for the civil service examinations

-Test taking techniques


PART TWO - Emergency Dispatcher / 911 Operator Careers
-What kind of work will you be doing?

-Nature of the work


-Job Outlook

PART THREE - Preparing for the exam
-Reading comprehension




-Clerical Speed and accuracy

-Name and number comparison

-Following oral directions

-Personality testing

PART FOUR - Model Exams
-Model Exam 1: Answer Sheet

-Model Exam 1

-Model Exam 1: Answers and explanations

-Model Exam 2: Answer Sheet

-Following Oral Directions Worksheet

-Model Exam 2: Part one

-Model Exam 2: Part two

-Model Exam 2: Answers and explanations

-How to find a government job

-How to get a government job

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